RTU HVAC Unit – Rooftop Air Unit for Heating Venting and Air Conditioning – is often known as a Packaged Unit – where the AHU (air handling unit) comes with encased housing suitable to handle the outdoor elements. It is an all in one unit ready to install efficiently as a self contained unit. They come in a common range of 3 to162 ton capacity.

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Commercial Heat PumpSometime there will be multiple units in one for redundant RTU HVAC systems, such as if one fails or goes into alarm, if a sensor or false alarm the other units can pick up the slack. Also note worthy a DC motor control units can save upto 50% on energy costs – also encased in the RTU should it be requested.

Other times segregated RTU HVAC units are required for different parts of the building, for example a medical building who’s operating room might be required to run on a different AHU system than the other areas of the medical centre to keep the risk of disease at bay from spreading from one section to another; or in a multi-tenant situation, shopping mall, or educational or government building.

Multi-zone is another option where it is a single unit which can handle more than one separate zone, as opposed to actual multiple HVAC units encased in one outdoor RTU.

RTU HVAC Unit vs AHU – air handling unit (AHU) is the workhorse portion of the unit – simply a device made of many components which regulates and disperses the airflow. RTU is the chasse or housing that the AHU is encased in, as well as other add-ons features such as sensors, digital motor controls, remote control options etc.

The components that comprise an AHU includes not just the cooling and heating portion, but blowers, sensors, filters, sound attenuators, dampeners – sometimes AHU’s are installed inside an RTU or the whole or a component can be in the basement of a building depending on setup. Sometimes an air handler will connect with ductwork other smaller units (terminal units) may only use an air filter coil and blower; often described as fan coil units or blower coils.

-commercial-rooftop-unit-rtuAn MAU (makeup air unit) is a larger AU only uses 100% outside air and does not recalculate the air – specifically designed for outdoor rooftop installation – a version of a PU RTU (packaged unit RTU). Since many systems are customized to the building and property conditions – the acronyms ie PU RTU will cover a variety of setups within a certain range – just as cars can have base models or luxury versions of the “same” vehicle.

If we were to compare with vehicles, the RTU would be the frame and the body – the AHU would be the engine and DC digital motor control (for upto 50% more efficiency), smart phone control and remote control options would be equivalent to heated seats, cruise control and powered windows.

What are these awesome features you say? Just like Cars and Trucks, RTU’s can come completely customized, and installation with a packaged unit is faster than it has ever been.

Smart Equipment Controls – These are controls that connect to smart phones, wireless wall units or other devices that allow the system to be monitored and changed on the fly, onsite or remotely. Wherever the device is, even in your pocket if compatible with your smart phone.

SEC RTU’s other features can include fire alarm sensors, where it detects smoke in the ventilation system and automatically shuts down, and if requested can reroute the system and add fresh air into the stairwells such if there was a fire, the stairwells would not fill with smoke.

Smart AHU RTU’s can also self-detect other addons, for seamless integration and communication between devices, which of course are controlled from a convenient location. Ask us about the many convenient options available!

Keeping the building air quality at it’s peak is optimal for employee health, productivity, building maintenance, and of course your customers and clients. There’s lots of reasons to invest now for the decrease in energy costs, longevity of the building and the potential of increase in productivity.

We are IAQ (indoor air quality) certified and our clients over the last 20+ years can attest to our extensive knowledge and service areas.

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Types of Buildings We Service:

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  • Retail stores & Grocery stores
  • Medical buildings & Hospitals
  • Schools; Elementary, Secondary, Public, Private; Day-cares
  • Seniors homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes, seniors condos
  • Real estate buildings & holdings, high rises, rental properties
  • Townhouses, walk-ups, low rise, homes, condos, lofts

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