5 Ways to Save on HVAC | Commercial & Residential

February 18, 2020by admin

5 Ways to Save on HVAC | Commercial & Residential

Furnace maintenance – it sounds trite, but oddly like a good car tune-up furnaces follow a similar protocol. Even on Energy Star’s checklist, dirt and neglect were the top causes of HVAC inefficiency and failure.

When everything is oiled a lubed properly, with no broken or rubbing parts to hinder the performance, it can not only really aid in energy economy but can add years to the life of the furnace, and help avoid costly repairs in future.

Typically a furnace tune-up is once per year. Try to book in with the HVAC company for July or August in Ontario to avoid the busier season. If it’s all running smoothly a good programmable thermostat can be a great addition, be sure to have it installed correctly – some get mis-installed by home owners and the heating and air end up on at the same time, due to wiring.

Getting the right size HVAC system for the property – not too big – not too small. Too small, the system is working too hard and not only could it wear out the parts and furnace faster, it generally uses excessive amounts of energy.

Too big, and could create humidity issues, or creates too much heat too soon, causing the thermostat to shut off too early, creating stress on the unit from being in the on and off cycle too frequently. If the oversize furnace has air conditioning – it doesn’t run long enough to remove enough humidity in the air.

Also the furnace size and the duct work size should be compatible.  The system needs the right amount of space for the air to travel through with the velocity that the furnace is putting out. Too small of duct work with a large furnace can restrict airflow, and have a situation of an overheating furnace.

Size and height of buildings will have different systems, a high rise office building or warehouse will have different systems based on the zones, need of control per space (such as a condo), efficiency, monitorization – such as remote monitoring and adjusting, etc, availability of energy sources gas, water, electricity, oil, solar, geothermal (space). Each building is unique and must be assessed on its own merit.

HVAC for Hotels AirBnB Motels Inns and Lodging Facilities

HVAC for Highrises – Offices Condos Apartments

Checking for blocked, detached vents or mis-aligned flues – a right sized furnace with appropriate sized duct work for the furnace should heat the home gradually with no hot or cold pockets (unless there is insulation or external ventilation issues see another article here – Cut Heating Bills.

Old school duct tape used in the past gets dried out and no longer adheres, which can aid in the vents not being as air tight as they should be, aluminum tape is now the standard. It happens, but somehow some way vents can and do get detached. If a room is particularly cold in winter and warm in summer it’s good to check for a blocked or detached vent.

Some duct work has a flue or metal damper – a flue vents to the outside, a damper is a metal flap inside the duct work which helps to direct air to certain zones or rooms – sometimes the dampers either get moved or were installed improperly and the heat (or air conditioning) isn’t getting to the room or area it needs to.

Supplemental units for zone heating – if you have radiant heating, for example that is efficient for your home, for example but just have one or two areas that need better regulation (provided it’s not a blocked duct or poor insulation or bad air circulation issue) – an add-on heat pump that doubles as a air conditioner in summer can be a great lower cost alternative than switching out the whole system.

Newer heat pumps are enormously economical on electricity. This can also be a practical example for oil heating, such that the overall temperature can be kept lower and only supplemental heating the rooms that need a boost. Swapping out baseboard heating for heat pumps is also worthy of consideration.

A more economical furnace – newer systems can save upto 50% (one of our clients was upto 59%) in savings on energy costs. Depending on the type of fuel, or switching fuels (ie from oil to gas, or for commercial applications – steam) can have immense cost savings long term on running the HVAC unit(s). They can also be monitored remotely, and some have the ability to alert you if something is of concern.

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  • Schools; Elementary, Secondary, Public, Private; Day-cares, Universities, Colleges

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