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Heat Pumps & Wall Mount Air Conditioners

Demystifying Ductless Heat Pumps and Wall Air Conditioner UnitsA Heat Pump is a ductless wall mounted unit that acts as both a heater and an air conditioner, it operates as heating in the winter, and air conditioner in the summer in commercial or residential properties. Essentially, it is a clever air conditioner that can also run in reverse, so to speak and also produces heat.

No duct work is needed inside the house from top to bottom like a furnace, but wall mounted heat pump air conditioner units do need external access (approx 2 inches in diameter), as well as a mechanism installed on the exterior of the home, per unit unless it is a dual unit (dual units service 2 interior heat pumps with one outdoor condenser unit).

Heat pump air conditioner combo units are a great alternative to existing baseboard heating however they make an excellent auxiliary heating unit where needed in certain rooms of the house, whether it be too cold or too hot in the upstairs bedrooms or to warm up a front room, sunroom or basement.

Have a picky loved one, house mate, or have elderly or disabled with additional needs? Then climate control is of utmost importance.

Whereas a furnace distributes heat over the house, the heat pump can accentuate additional heating or cooling in a specific room such as a nursery (or rooms with multiple units). This can be invaluable for the health and well being of those with a delicate or fragile disposition.

Central heat pumps are scale-able, whether need one or ten is needed, as long as there is access to outside ventilation and room for a unit, they are very versatile to any home, especially older homes or heritage houses, when who knows what one would find when pulling apart walls to install a traditional ducted furnace!

Ductless heat pumps are not recommended to use solely the only heat source for conditions lower than -15°C especially in Canada. Furthermore, heat pumps can be used on their own or in conjunction with other heating methods such as baseboard heating, gas fireplaces, furnace, wood heating or other methods.

We would be remiss if we didn’t discuss other types of heat pumps, such as ground-source heat pumps such as geothermal, geoexchange or earth energy pumps – which draw heat from the ground or groundwater, however these are not individual units and require much land for piping to be administered.

However individual heat pump units are excellent for apartments, or houses sub-sectioned into multiple living quarters as then the heat can be regulated per room and multiple furnaces are not typically needed.

Heat Pump Ductless Air ConditionerWall air conditioners and heat pumps may also be an excellent idea for Bed and Breakfasts, AirBnB or house exchange programs as then the guest or client can climate control their own room or unit. It could be an exceptional asset to market to potential guests, and ideally increase occupancy!

If the house has an old air conditioning unit or an old heat pump, as that has been around for decades, a bundle could be saved by upgrading the unit. Efficiency has come light years since then. Some of our clients have saved upto 50% on their utility bills! Thus it very well might be worth the ask.

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