New Furnace Installation Toronto

New Furnace Installation Toronto

New-Furnace-InstallationWhen your furnace needs replacing you want to choose a new furnace that best suits your home. There are many varieties of high efficiency furnaces on the market today, so that choice can be somewhat confusing. The experts at Heating Ontario have been performing furnace installations in Toronto for over 20 years, and have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the furnace that is right for your home.

With utility bills getting more costly every year, you want to choose a furnace that will not only keep you warm, but save you money. Heating Ontario furnace contractors recommend several different brands and types of furnaces depending on the features you are looking for. The most common type of furnace in use today is a high efficiency forced-air gas furnace, from which you can choose various models that will heat your home adequately and efficiently.

Heating Ontario Toronto heating contractors will recommend the correct model based on the size of your home, with EnergyStar ratings up to 97. You can even choose to attach a furnace humidifier to not only keep your home warm, but to maintain adequate humidity levels during the coldest, driest days of winter. Our heating service in Toronto will not only keep you warm, it will also keep costs in line.

Did you know a new furnace can be too large for a space?

A furnace installation can sometimes be too big. It’s true. Some HVAC companies may want to upgrade to a larger furnace unit, but just as a smaller unit can overwork to try to keep airflow to all rooms, too large of a furnace installation can cycle on and off too much, not have the right pressure for the building, and not get the correct temperature to all rooms.

Humidity too can be affected by having too much or not enough – both which are harmful to either the building or the people in it.

Too Little Humidity:  mold and rainy windows inside

Too Much Humidity: dry and cracking studs, hardwood floors and potentially structural or decorative issues – not to mention excess static, maybe a dry throat, itchy skin and other potential health issues.

How to know what size of a new furnace is appropriate:

A seasoned HVAC contractor will know what model and size of furnace is optimal for the type and age and other factors of the building and lot, the existing system and setup and costs for each option to change/retrofit or upgrade.

Changing Fuel & Furnace Types vs A New Furnace of the Same Fuel Type:

Depending on the existing system – ie: boiler, oil or whether natural gas is available – changing from one type of fueling to another will be a different price than keeping the existing fueling type but changing the furnace itself.

Also consider the fuel cost itself, as oil can have great fluctuations in price historically doubling over just a couple of years. An oil furnace could be $1200 for a fillup depending on tank size whereas natural gas could be around $500 for the same period of heating in comparison.

Thus it may not be simply a factor of the cost of the new furnace and installation, but the ongoing costs of fueling and energy efficiency could “pay” for itself so to speak over the long term of an alternate unit.

Each system has it’s own merits and detraction. A good seasoned HVAC Contractor can offer suggestions for your unique building type, location, pre-existing structure / retrofits and the like for you to choose from.

Add-on Furnace Retrofit Components in Toronto:

HVAC Buildings in Toronto are not like anywhere else. Whether you’re in downtown TO, The Beaches, Rexdale, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York or the like… with such variety over the years like age, style, type, height, location and especially retrofits or changing from one function and zoning to another such as residential to commercial or vice versa, there is no one size fits all for HVAC in Toronto.

A great HVAC technician can provide options for add-ons solutions to your existing unit that might be helpful to get you the features and functions you require.

Depending on the human quotient and values that are important to the inhabitant, such as energy efficiency, air quality – such as fresh air exchangers, waste heat recapturing systems and humidifiers for example may be an option for you. Our team helps you choose the appropriate furnace retrofits and its accoutrements for your unique situation, building and budget.

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Types of Buildings Heating Ontario Services:

  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores & Grocery stores
  • Offices: high rise, low rise and ground floor
  • Townhouses, walk-ups, low rise, homes, condos, lofts
  • Seniors homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes
  • Real estate buildings & holdings, high rises, rental properties
  • Medical buildings & Hospitals, Doctors offices, Chiropractors, Physio
  • Schools; Elementary, Secondary, Public, Private; Day-cares, Universities, Colleges

Call us if your building isn’t listed above, we can make arrangements.

Do you have multiple workplace facilities, franchises, homes, offices or retail space?

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Heating Ontario is fully licensed (including G1) and offers fast efficient appointments.

Commercial & Industrial Services:

  • 24 Hours Emergency Heating Service
  • Commercial & Industrial boilers and steam boiler installs, repair & service
  • Furnace Install & Service (maintenance and repair)
  • Central A/C Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Natural Gas Line Installation
  • Radiant Floors and Driveways
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Ductless A/C

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