A New Furnace and Duct Cleaning

January 26, 2018by admin

What Comes First: A New Furnace or Duct Cleaning?

So, it is time to replace your furnace. After years and years of reliability – maybe even over a decades worth! – your furnace is on the way out. How can you tell? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that your furnace has needed more and more repairs over the last couple of years, or it might be that your electricity bill is on the rise. If you’ve determined that it is time to have a new furnace installed, then it is also time to think about a duct cleaning.

Yes, a duct cleaning is a necessary step when you have a new furnace installed…but what comes first? Should you replace your furnace before or after a duct cleaning?

Your air ducts should be cleaned before you replace your furnace. Why? Imagine attaching a brand new machine to a bunch of dirty, dusty air ducts. Not a good idea! A duct cleaning is an important way to make sure that your furnace runs properly and as efficiently as possible. Dirty air ducts can actually become clogged, which makes your furnace less efficient. An air duct cleaning will remove any built up dust, dirt, debris, or other contaminants from your air ducts. This will ensure that no dust gets into the air in your home and that your forced air heating system will be able to work to its full capacity.

Many furnace installation contractors will recommend that a duct cleaning is performed in your home prior to replacing your furnace – or at the same time, if possible. A duct cleaning should be done before your new furnace is turned on. It is important to consider that when your old furnace is disconnected from the air ducts in your home, dust and dirt can be shaken loose. That built up dust in your air ducts is ready to move! This means that when you begin the process of replacing your old furnace, the dust is more likely to find its way into the rooms in your house. Since new equipment is even more powerful than your old equipment, it can easily move around this dust and debris. The result is typically reduced efficiency and a greater chance of your dirty air ducts affecting the quality of air in your home.

Duct cleaning is an important part of furnace installation. Perhaps the biggest concern about skipping a duct cleaning before your furnace is replaced, is that dust can impact the coil in your new furnace. The coil typically has small openings in it. These small openings can get covered with dust. If this occurs, the amount of airflow in your home can be reduced – even when using a brand new machine.

Replacing your furnace and duct cleaning go hand in hand. Without a proper duct cleaning, the quality of air in your home and the efficiency of your furnace can be affected. It is important to maintain the quality of your new furnace by scheduling a duct cleaning prior to installation. At Heating Ontario, one of our experienced and professional contractors can advise you on all of your furnace installation needs.

If you need more information on cooling and heating installation, contact us at: (click-to-call): 647-591-2683. At Heating Ontario, our professional and experienced staff members know what comes first – a new furnace or scheduling a duct cleaning.

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