5 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

5 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

1. Set-up your thermostat.

If your home has a central conditioning unit controlled by a thermostat, you should program it to save energy. You can do this by turning the preferred temperature up during the day when no one's at home. At night, you can sacrifice a couple of degrees especially if it's really hot outside. There's a correlation between the temperature outside and inside of your house. The temperature outside of the house can have a great effect on the efficiency of the unit. In this case, target a temperature of 78 degrees at home so you can manage comfort, energy and costs. Always remember that a programmable thermostat is capable of helping you save money yearly.

2. Clean filters monthly.

For a central AC or a window unit, dirty filters cause inefficiency. Accumulated dirt in the filter will most likely lower the unit's performance. The unit tends to eat up a greater amount of energy compared to its normal function. You can do a monthly check up on your system's air filter to prevent this from happening. Keep in mind; it's essential to change filters every three months.

3. Check your AC systems regularly.

You can never be too sure so it's better to play it safe. A regular check-up can have a long term positive effect on your unit. Homeowners can hire a professional from a company and they'll be able to assess the condition of the AC system. A pro is capable of diagnosing any issues with your system. They can thoroughly check your unit and discuss existing problems. The AC tech should be able to detect any inefficiency before you waste any more money in your monthly bill.

4. Energy-efficient appliance.

One factor that some homeowners would probably forget is the energy efficiency of the unit. Before buying a unit, check if it's energy efficient. Certain companies design their units even below the government minimum standards. This means that you'll be able to save more energy and you'll enjoy some cost savings at the end of the month.

5. Choose the right system for your home.

Homeowners should take into account the space of their home when they select the air conditioning system. If your space is small, a window air conditioning unit would suffice. It requires much less energy than a whole central air conditioning. This also means it's somehow a smaller investment. Therefore, it wouldn't cost you as much compared to a central unit. If you're having trouble identifying the kind of system for your home, you can ask a professional to check it out. The tech should be able to determine the most appropriate type for your place.

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